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What is ZenActivator?

ZenActivator is a guided meditation program for men. It is designed to build and fortify a man's Inner Zen (also known as Ataraxia or Inner Game) across nine attributes: Pauseability, Magnetism, Esteem, Courage, Energy, Optimism, Creativity, Focus and Gratitude.

For an introduction to ZenActivator, enroll into the ZenActivator 101 course. It is included inside your ZenActivator Suite, and can be found here.

What is the best way to get started?

Follow the Quick Start guide - click here.

How do I use an Activator track?

First, find a spot where you won't be disturbed. Sit down cross-legged with your back straight. Plug in your headphones. Then, click play and close your eyes. Follow the spoken instructions in the audio.

To optimize your experience, follow these instructions.

What are the technical requirements for ZenActivator?

The ZenActivator Suite will work on most modern devices and operating systems. It is 100% web-based, and so a web browser is all you need.

What is the Rapid Charger?

The Rapid Charger is a shorter Activator track at about three and a half minute in length. It is designed to use for a quicker Inner Zen Activation session.

Do I need headphones?

Yes. The Entrainment component of the Activator tracks involves the sending of out-of-phase beats to each ear. For this effect to take place, you'll need to use headphones.

Why do I not hear the Entrainment beats?

Entrainment or binaural beats can be jarring and uncomfortable at high volumes. Therefore, we have engineered the beats to be only slightly audible above the background music.

You can hear the beats most clearly when the background music is absent. In each Activator track, this is between the Affirmations and the Mantric Meditation segments. Also, always remember to use headphones.

Do I open or close my eyes?

Closing your eyes is the default mode of Zen Activation. Some advanced practitioners do practice open-eye meditation. You may want to experiment with this approach when you gain more experience with ZenActivator.

Do I need to repeat the affirmations?

Yes. Repeat each affirmation in your mind as instructed by the narrator. If you're comfortable, you can also repeat the affirmations out loud.

How often do I need to listen to these tracks?

Beginners should meditate with an Activator track once a day. We recommend that you develop a Zen Activation ritual and follow it. Guidance and sample rituals can be found here.

How fast will I get the results?

It depends on many things: from your frequency of using the ZenActivator tracks to the quality of each Zen Activation session. It also depends on your current state, and how motivated you are to become better.

What is important is to develop a ritual, stick to it and trust the process. Everyone's path is different, and you'll find yours quickly with hard work and diligence.

Will ZenActivator cure my insomnia, depression or anxiety?

The ZenActivator Suite is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any physical, mental or medical problems. Our intention is to offer tools and information to help you improve your emotional and physical well-being. It is not a replacement for professional medical treatment. Please consult your doctor.

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